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Welcome to log management on your terms

Ingest and process

Turnkey integrations for major operating systems, languages, and platforms
(No, seriously, we’re talking three kubectl commands to send your Kubernetes logs)


  • Powerful exclusion rules

    Store only what's important—keep your log volume under control by excluding noisy logs

  • Archive everything

    Forward your logs to S3 or any other object storage of your choice for compliance or later review

  • Analysis and monitoring

    Visualize and aggregate critical events to understand system behavior holistically

  • One-click filters

    Simple to use filters that let you drill down based on app, host, cluster

  • Human search syntax

    Search your logs with simple keywords or natural language date ranges without esoteric syntax

  • Presence/absence alerts

    Easy to use presence and absence alerting to know when something is wrong

Alerts, any way you want them

Be alerted of the presence (or absence) of events where you work with one of our many integrations including Slack, Webhook, and PagerDuty

Team controls

Log management built with organizational complexity in mind

  • Role-based access controls to limit access to sensitive logs and destructive actions

  • SSO/SAML for enterprise-grade user authentication

  • Usage reporting to ensure you’re keeping an eye on your log volume—get alerted or stop ingestion completely as needed

Compliant log management

  • GDPR

  • SOC 2 Type 2

  • CCPA


  • Privacy Shield


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