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LogDNA Best Practices: Live Long and Log

We examined best practices for logging in a prior series. However, how can you apply those best practices in real life? Let’s dive into how...

Pro Tip #1: Adding the LogDNA agent

Now that you've signed up for LogDNA, it's time to set up your server to run the LogDNA agent. Log into the LogDNA dashboard and...


You got 99 problems, but logging ain’t one

There’s never a dull moment in the world of running a startup. As founders, business and technical leaders, we are literally faced with 99 problems...


Deployment Tracking with LogDNA Live Streaming Tail

You've deployed a new feature into production. You've done your unit testing, fixed lots of bugs, your code is awesome. Now it's time for hundreds/thousands/millions of users to break...err...use...


LogDNA has a blog!

Now that we have a blog, check back often to learn about our company and new features!

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