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Learn the Ins and Outs of LogDNA’s Best Features (LIVE WEBINAR)

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You’ve signed up for LogDNA – what’s next? Join LogDNA’s Product Manager, Nagi Eroglu in a live webinar covering the entire onboarding journey. From new account signup, to LogDNA’s most functional, useful features, learn how to maximize our powerful log management platform for real-time insights across your entire stack. We’ll kick-start you into a LogDNA power user in no-time!

Webinar Highlights:

Live Onboarding & Setup

Here you’ll select your organization and choose ingestion sources via collector agent, platform, or code library to start sending logs over to LogDNA within minutes. You’ll see just how easy it is to start logging.

Best LogDNA Features:

  • Dashboard details
  • Integration process
  • How to navigate our platform
  • Jump to Time
  • Graphing & Timeline
  • Custom Parsing
  • Create Alerts
  • How to Investigate Log Lines
  • Search Queries
  • Create Views
  • Create Graphs
  • Archiving
  • Role-Based Access Controls: control what each team member can/cannot access
  • Exclusion Rules

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