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Maximize Observability of your CI/CD Pipeline w...

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) has enabled teams to build and deploy software at ...

Read More July 15, 2019
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A Quick Look at 5 Best Kubernetes Distributions

Kubernetes is a powerful platform that has shifted the way modern software operates and scales over the pas...

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log management and log analysis tutorial DevOps

5 Splunk Alternatives – Faster, Affordabl...

Learn the best Splunk alternative for modern day stacks, what to look for in alternative solutions, and oth...

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Why the LogDNA Agent Runs As Root

One question that customers often ask is “why does the LogDNA agent need to run as root?” With IT…

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Using SalesOps to understand DevOps

When we talk about “ops,” we usually think of software development and DevOps. And while DevOps is an impor...

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Open Distro Elasticsearch DevOps

Open Distro for Elasticsearch: What it Means an...

Recently Amazon launched Open Distro for Elasticsearch, a distribution of Elasticsearch with a number of ad...

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Cyber Security Open Source Vulnerabilities DevOps

8 Ways to Identify and Fix Open Source Vulnerab...

The number of open source components in proprietary apps continues to rise—a 2018 code audit found that the...

Read More March 5, 2019

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