Multicloud Multi-Cloud

What is Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud is a cloud computing strategy that uses two or more different cloud services. This can be a com...

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Announcing Advanced On-Premise and Multi-Cloud Logging Platforms LogDNA Features
LogDNA Features

Announcing Advanced On-Premise and Multi-Cloud ...

We’re excited to announce the general availability of our new On-Prem, Self-Hosted, and Multi-Cloud logging...

Read More November 7, 2018
Logs Cloud

Devops Observability: The Evolution of Logging,...

  Recently, we held a webinar where Chris Nguyen, our CEO and Co-Founder and Norman Hsieh, our Head of...

Read More November 6, 2018
docker log collection Cloud

5 Splunk Alternatives – Faster, Affordabl...

Since its first release in 2007, Splunk quickly became one of the leading log management solutions. Its foc...

Read More October 16, 2018
Nasa 53884 Unsplash Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Log Management & Analysis Guide

Managing logs is hard enough. Managing logs for hybrid multi cloud is even harder. That’s because a hybrid ...

Read More September 14, 2018
Cost Advantages of a Cloud Log Management Solution Cloud

Cost Advantages of a Cloud Log Management Solution

In the past few years, cloud based services have seen tremendous growth. This fast adoption can be attribut...

Read More April 12, 2018

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