LogDNA Usage Dashboard Product Updates
Product Updates

Announcing the Enhanced Usage Dashboard

Many of our users are responsible for monitoring logs to detect sudden changes in volume or to control the&...

Read More March 11, 2019
Getting Started Splash Image Logging

Bring Structure to Your Logs with Custom Parsin...

Picture a perfect world where all logs shared the same layout, format, and structure. Every application, pr...

Read More February 15, 2019
Rxpdcbxofq Product Updates
Product Updates

How to Send Akamai Logs to LogDNA

Akamai provides the Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a highly-distributed platform of servers optimi...

Read More February 12, 2019
Logdna Cube Stack Product Updates
Product Updates

New LogDNA Feature: Absence Alerting

Being proactive is one of the key elements of a successful company. We are always seeking ways to help…

Read More January 18, 2019
LogDNA Announces New Log Management Capabilities on IBM Cloud Product Updates
Product Updates

LogDNA Announces New Log Management Capabilitie...

LogDNA enables developers to quickly locate faults and debug code within terabytes of data on the IBM Cloud...

Read More November 29, 2018
Introducing Custom Parsing on LogDNA: A dead simple way to define your own log parsing rules Product Updates
Product Updates

Introducing Custom Parsing on LogDNA: A dead si...

We’re excited to announce that LogDNA’s built-in log parser offers custom parsing, now available in b...

Read More November 13, 2018

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