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Sending Aptible Logs to LogDNA

We’re happy to announce that forwarding your Aptible logs to LogDNA is much simpler than before. Aptible En...

Read More April 22, 2019
Devops Observability

3 Steps to Implement DevSecOps in Your Organiza...

It seems like hardly a week goes by without news of a security breach. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequ...

Read More April 18, 2019
Cyber Security Open Source Vulnerabilities DevOps

8 Ways to Identify and Fix Open Source Vulnerab...

The number of open source components in proprietary apps continues to rise—a 2018 code audit found that the...

Read More March 5, 2019
Siem Logging

What is SIEM and Why is it so Important?

Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach that offers observability over an organizat...

Read More January 9, 2019
Building Secure Applications with Machine Learning & Log Data DevOps

Building Secure Applications with Machine Learn...

In recent years, machine learning has swept across the world of software delivery and is changing the way a...

Read More March 22, 2018

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