By: Michael Shi

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With the ever-growing volume of application logs and analysis tools available, it can be time-consuming to set up your observability tools to keep up with best practices. Every new piece of infrastructure deployed also causes another piece of dashboard and monitoring that needs to be put in place to ensure stability and reliability.

To solve this, we’re excited to announce our LogDNA Web Server Template, an out-of-the-box package of views, boards, and screens targeted towards leveraging LogDNA’s observability tools combined with industry best practices at no extra cost to you. With the template, you’ll have instant visibility into your web server health, security, and analytics with just a few clicks. We hope that with it, you’ll save time in keeping up with best practices and implementing novel dashboards and monitoring for your server logs.


Easily see elevated 500 errors, zoom into logs correlated to 500s and show breakdown by request path.

Whether you’re interested in knowing about elevated HTTP 500’s, top unauthorized request IPs, or your most popular referrers, the Web Server Template can surface the right information to you. It’s powered by auto-parsed Apache or Nginx logs, data that you’re likely already sending to LogDNA today.

Server Sec Screen

See top IPs running into HTTP forbidden errors along with trends in permission errors

Click here to learn more or get started with the LogDNA Web Server Template. Getting insights out of your logs has never been easier.

Have an idea on other apps we should support out of the box? See a visualization we left off? Please let me know at We’re looking forward to delivering more templates to meet your observability needs.

Note: Certain ad blockers will interfere with the installation instruction flow, see here for work arounds.


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As a Product Manager at LogDNA for developer experience, Michael loves engaging with our users, tinkering with dev tools, and delivering delightful products.


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