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Why the LogDNA Agent Runs As Root

One question that customers often ask is “why does the LogDNA agent need to run as root?” With IT…

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The LogDNA life on the road in May

May was an eventful month for our team as we travelled across the country to meet the communities we…

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LogDNA Madison Gong Team

Welcome, Madison Gong!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Madison Gong as our Product Management intern. She’s currently a student...

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The Expert’s Guide to Searching in LogDNA

Searching in LogDNA is designed to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Just type in your searc...

Read More May 31, 2019
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Using SalesOps to understand DevOps

When we talk about “ops,” we usually think of software development and DevOps. And while DevOps is an impor...

Read More May 28, 2019
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Client-Side Logging with LogDNA

Logging is an essential part of application development, monitoring, and debugging. There are countless lib...

Read More May 22, 2019
How to Search through Log Archives Logging

How to Search through Log Archives

Log retention is a crucial factor in adopting a log management solution. For most organizations, 30 days is...

Read More May 20, 2019
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Monitoring GitHub Activity with LogDNA

Source code management (SCM) is a core component of DevOps. In addition to storing and sharing source code,...

Read More May 14, 2019
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Cloud Foundry Summit, Google Cloud Next, Contai...

April was one of our busiest and exciting month of events so far. Here’s a recap of where we…

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How LogDNA scales Elastic Search Events

How LogDNA scales Elastic Search

I spoke at Container World 2019 in Santa Clara and shared insights on what LogDNA has learned in scaling&he...

Read More April 30, 2019
Open Distro Elasticsearch DevOps

Open Distro for Elasticsearch: What it Means an...

Recently Amazon launched Open Distro for Elasticsearch, a distribution of Elasticsearch with a number of ad...

Read More April 26, 2019
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Sending Aptible Logs to LogDNA

We’re happy to announce that forwarding your Aptible logs to LogDNA’s log management system is much s...

Read More April 22, 2019
Devops Observability

Implement DevSecOps in Your Organization in 3 S...

It seems like hardly a week goes by without news of a security breach. Cyberattacks are becoming more frequ...

Read More April 18, 2019
Vmware Logdna Logging

Sending Your VMWare vSphere Logs to LogDNA

Logging your virtual machines (VMs) is important, but what’s even more important is logging the hyper...

Read More April 11, 2019
Logdna University Logging

Logging Fundamentals 1

Background Being inside a company that lives and breathes logging, observability and DevOps intelligence, s...

Read More April 10, 2019
Monitoring SaltStack Logs with LogDNA Logging

Monitoring SaltStack Logs with LogDNA

SaltStack is an open source configuration management tool that lets you manage your infrastructure as code....

Read More April 8, 2019
Nick Baker Team

Welcome, Nick Baker!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Nick Baker as our Head of Inside Sales, where he’ll be managing our sale...

Read More April 5, 2019
Sumera Kunwar Team

Welcome, Sumera Kunwar!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Sumera Kunwar as our new Executive Assistant! She joins us from Bank of Americ...

Read More April 4, 2019

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