Cloud Foundry Events

Logging Your Cloud Foundry Apps to LogDNA

LogDNA is excited to be a Silver Member of Cloud Foundry this year. If you’re at the North America&he...

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LogDNA demand generation Angel Oberoi Team

Welcome, Angel Oberoi!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Angel Oberoi as our new Head of Demand Generation. We asked her some important...

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logdna vp engineering danny chai Team

Welcome, Danny Chai!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Danny Chai as our first VP of Engineering! We asked him some important questio...

Read More March 26, 2019
Rotimi Daramola Blog Banner Team

Welcome, Rotimi Daramola!

We’re excited to have Rotimi Daramola on board! Originally doing WebSphere support, he’s now ou...

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Jonathan Simcoe 87312 Unsplash Logging

LogDNA Guide: Putting Alerts into Practice

Alerts are a core part of monitoring systems. Using alerts keeps you aware of changes within your infrastru...

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logdna head of growth divya hillier Team

Welcome, Divya Hillier

LogDNA is excited to welcome Divya Hillier as our first Head of Growth! We asked her some important questio...

Read More March 13, 2019
Kubernetes Kubernetes

K8S is the Kernel

One of my former teammates approached me the other day (and by other day i mean like 3 months…

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LogDNA Usage Dashboard Product Updates
Product Updates

Announcing the Enhanced Usage Dashboard

Many of our users are responsible for monitoring logs to detect sudden changes in volume or to control the&...

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9a553840 A8fd 43d1 B4f7 0bcb67329ebe Team

Welcome, Francisco Rossman!

We’re excited to have Francisco Rossman on board! Originally from both San Jose, CA and Austin, TX, F...

Read More March 7, 2019
Cyber Security Open Source Vulnerabilities DevOps

8 Ways to Identify and Fix Open Source Vulnerab...

The number of open source components in proprietary apps continues to rise—a 2018 code audit found that the...

Read More March 5, 2019
Greg Swift Blog Banner Team

Welcome, Greg Swift!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Greg Swift as our newest Lead Site Reliability Engineer. Previously doing Plat...

Read More March 1, 2019
Container Logging Log Management And Analysis Logging

Guide on How to use LogDNA Views to Manage Logs...

Views may seem straightforward at first, but they hide a lot of power. On a very basic level, a…

Read More February 28, 2019
splunk alternatives - best log management tools Logging

Logging Agents vs. Logging Libraries: Which Sho...

When logging applications to a centralized location like LogDNA, developers have two options: using a loggi...

Read More February 25, 2019
chris nguyen chris rosen ibm log analysis with logdna Events

IBM Think 2019 (San Francisco) – Event Recap

With sessions on cloud, big data, and A.I., to training courses, certifications, and hands-on labs, IBM Thi...

Read More February 21, 2019
Getting Started Splash Image Logging

Bring Structure to Your Logs with Custom Parsin...

Picture a perfect world where all logs shared the same layout, format, and structure. Every application, pr...

Read More February 15, 2019
Guide to Logging Your IBM Cloud Resources with LogDNA Kubernetes

Guide to Logging Your IBM Cloud Resources with ...

We hope you’re enjoying your time at IBM Think 2019 – thank you for dropping by to chat with ou...

Read More February 14, 2019
Rxpdcbxofq Product Updates
Product Updates

How to Send Akamai Logs to LogDNA

Akamai provides the Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a highly-distributed platform of servers optimi...

Read More February 12, 2019
IBM Fast Start 2019 – Event Recap Events

IBM Fast Start 2019 – Event Recap

Having recently launched IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA, we were excited to attend Fast Start in both New Orl...

Read More February 8, 2019
Kubernetes Logging Icon DevOps

Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine (...

There’s no shortage of providers willing to host your containers. Many of the world’s biggest c...

Read More February 7, 2019

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