Instacart operates in over 1,200 cities and delivers groceries daily to millions of customers.

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01 — Introduction
Instacart Team
02 — Key Stats
  • 2012


  • 250+


  • 500k+

    Indexed, shoppable items

  • 1,200+


  • 03 — What we solved
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    Kubernetes Support

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    Flexible Cloud Deployment

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    Security Compliance

  • 04 — Why Logging Is Critical

    Why is logging data critical to Instacart’s customers?

    Being able to have our customers find and order what they want is critical to our success and scale. With tens of thousands of new customers trying out Instacart every month delivering a world class user experience is critical. Logging is a critical part of delivering that experience as when an issue arises our teams need to be able to find, identity, alert and fix bugs as fast as possible.

    Logdna Terminal
    05 — The Problem

    What problems were you facing prior to LogDNA?

    Our previous logging solution started to fall down as our scale increased in a few critical areas. Search and live tail are crucial to our teams and as our business grew our existing solution was not able to ramp up as we had hoped.

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    06 — Why Logdna

    Why LogDNA stood out and solved their problem

    The Instacart team gave each logging provider a subset of their real world data in order to evaluate each one. And according to Nick, “LogDNA solved these most of these problems in a really awesome way.”

    Nick loved the value that LogDNA offered in three key areas

    Logdna Cube Single
    07 — Moving Forward

    How Log management and LogDNA play into their future

    As our engineering team grows and we continue to add more services and offerings to our customers we see a ton of growth in the data those services will generate. Searching those logs will continue to be a core component of what our devops teams supports so we can continue to delight our customers.

    Logdna Cube Stack