The LogDNA Team is passionate about:

Perks of the job

Competitive Salary
Full Health Coverage
Unlimited Vacation
Dog-friendly Office
Lunch Provided Daily
Annual Group Offsite
Yummy Snacks
Local Boba & Coffee
Jeff Martinez Technical Support Engineer

If you are looking to be part of a family, LogDNA is the one. This is a place where you will be challenged and where your ideas will be heard and executed. You have a chance to make history as we continue to grow as a company….LogDNA is a place where you will continue to learn skills that can be used in your career. The opportunity is there, it’s how you seize your moment when you join.
Ricky Salguero Event Manager

Everyone understands the goal and moves forward. People from all levels care about everyone’s work. We have the end goal in mind…To me and my team, we’re very much as a whole, supportive team.
Shanna Sullivan Frontend Engineer

I get the sense that everyone is working on their own tasks for the greater common purpose…. Here, you are working towards the same goal, and I really appreciate that part of it.
Kristina Demeshchik Frontend Engineer

[The logDNA team] is so important. I moved to another country. Most of the people I know here (Toronto) are people from LogDNA. It feels like family.

A Few LogDNA Traditions

Volunteering Opportunities

The LogDNA team has many traditions, and the most important one to us is giving back to our communities. Team members volunteer individually and as a group each month. Volunteering is also incorporated into our annual all-company offsite.

Lunch and Learns

Learn from other team members. Whether it’s a deep dive on a new product feature or a review of recent hackathon results, LogDNA lunch and learns are always popular.

Board Game Nights

As much as we like to learn, we also like to play. Board game night is a chance to turn our competitive streak towards each other.

LogDNA’s Values

HOT PIE is the sum total of LogDNA’s values, attitudes, and beliefs. It is our North Star, the guiding principles for how we relate to each other and how we approach the work we do at LogDNA. These cultural behaviors help us define who we are and gives our team clear actionable ways to help ensure we maintain a healthy and positive team culture.

If you are ever lost, look to our North Star to set you on the right path, it will always lead you home towards HOT PIE.



Honesty is ultimately about providing the right feedback so that you can improve as a person and as a team member. Feedback flows in all directions—between you, your manager, and your colleagues.


We strive to create a working environment where team members feel safe, supported, and encouraged to contribute their ideas. This ensures our team is more connected, productive, and effective while working towards our goals.


Trust is fundamental to our team culture. It’s the foundation of all our relationships and interactions with each other and gives us a sense of safety and autonomy in the workplace. When we trust, we are able to ask for help, to produce higher quality work, and to work more harmoniously towards our goals.



The LogDNA team is a collection of passionate people who are driven to reaching new heights and working towards big goals. Passionate team members have a growth mindset and are focused on personal and professional development. We are passionate about problem-solving, passionate about the product roadmap, and passionate about the company’s vision.


We uphold integrity in all of our words and actions. Behaving with honor, respect, and honesty ensures our ability to build trusting relationships and foster a positive workplace. 


Great strategies and amazing ideas are nothing without successful execution. Focus on execution. To do this successfully, you need a thorough understanding of the strategy, an attention to detail, a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the work, and a commitment to be accountable.

Available Positions

Mountain View, CA

Toronto, ON, Canada

San Francisco, CA

Remote, EU

Remote, North America