The Best ELK Alternative (Elastic-Logstash-Kibana)

Tired of scalability issues and high maintenance costs?

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Powerful, modern, and scalable log management to empower your DevOps team. Pinpoint issues, determine trends, and resolve issues in real-time. Frustration-free setup in 1-2 minutes, or just two kubectl commands.

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multi-cloud logging for developers
Production Grade Logging
Aggregate production logs in an easy, scalable, secure way out of the box without worrying about data spikes, why Elasticsearch fails in production, or why your logs are being dropped.
scalable log management
Performance and Scalability
Designed for modern era of high volume enterprise grade logging, we're capable of handling over one million log events per second. Whether you run 1 or 100,000 containers, nodes, or pods in Kubernetes, we scale with you.

easy to deploy
Save Time
Our frustration-free platform allows you to customize, support, and scale effortlessly so you can dedicate your engineers to what they do best. Let us streamline all your logging efforts for you.
compliant logging
Compliance & Security
LogDNA is a secure, compliant log management platform with military grade encryption. Whether you’re looking for SOC2, GDPR, PCI, or HIPAA-compliant logging, you won’t have to start from scratch.

open source log management
The ELK Stack might be free to start, but as your product scales, "free" turns into money, time, and resources you could be spending on your core business. With LogDNA's intuitive dashboard, ease of use, and natural search language, you won't have to waste time building or maintaining your own logging tools.
frustration-free log management
Easiest Setup
With LogDNA's modern, multi-cloud logging technology, you’re free to choose where to log and how to deploy. Deploy our platform on-premise, as a fully cloud SaaS, or a hybrid solution for truly centralized log management.

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