Start logging in 2 steps

1. Download the LogDNA Agent

The LogDNA agent is used to collect your data and forward it into LogDNA for easy log collection and analysis.

2. Now, tell the LogDNA Agent what to log

By default, the LogDNA agent automatically logs all .log and extensionless files located under /var/log/, but if you want to log other directories or files, you can specify logging paths by editing /etc/logdna.conf.  

Just remember to restart the agent if you make any changes to the configurations.

Congrats! Your logs are flowing into LogDNA. What’s next?

Getting Your Questions Answered

As you get started, we know you’ll have questions. A great place to start is to check our docs.

From inside the LogDNA web app, just click on the Help icon in the bottom left and send us your question or feedback. 

We’re always happy to help.

Have questions? Comments? Contact LogDNA below.

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