By: Thu Nguyen

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Managing logs is hard enough. Managing logs for hybrid multi cloud is even harder. That’s because a hybrid cloud infrastructure introduces unique challenges when it comes to centralized logging. Not only do you have to deal with more logs than you would when using a single cloud, but you also have more tools, log formats, and other variables in the mix.
Fortunately, these are all challenges that can be addressed. Here we’ll give a complete overview of issues with hybrid cloud log management and analysis, and best practices to help you to make the most of the log data generated by your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Logging Challenges

Before delving into strategies for working with hybrid cloud logs, let’s examine why log analysis on hybrid cloud infrastructure is hard.
On a hybrid multi cloud (by which I mean any type of cloud infrastructure that mixes together on-premises infrastructure, private cloud infrastructure and/or public cloud infrastructure and services), you face several special challenges associated with logging:

Hybrid Log Analysis Strategies

How can you solve these challenges and make the most of all of your log data, even on hybrid infrastructure? The following practices can help:


By its nature, managing logs for hybrid cloud infrastructure is more complex and challenging in many ways. But by simplifying your logging toolset, centralizing logging in the cloud and focusing on using your logs in ways that provide maximum visibility into your hybrid infrastructure, you can handle the special challenges of log management for the hybrid multi cloud.

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