By: Chris Nguyen

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We’re excited to welcome Sven Delmas to the LogDNA family as our new VP of Engineering. Sven’s passion for empowering others and creating an ethos of team collaboration sets the foundation for how we plan to grow our engineering team in 2020. 

When asked about his core leadership philosophy Sven replied: 

Sven Delmas joins the LogDNA family as VP of Engineering.

“Trust people, assume positive intent and over-communicate.”


Sven grew up in Germany and was studying Computer Science in Berlin when the wall fell. After university, he moved to Utah to join a robotics company and later moved to the Bay Area to continue his career in tech. He’s spent the last seven years leading the development teams at DataStax, a cloud-native NoSQL database, built on Apache Cassandra.


When asked why he decided to join the LogDNA team he shared:


“From the first contact to the last interview, every individual was smart, open and excited about the future. The product is in a great space and adds value to customers. Even better though, it is a product that I can relate to as it solves problems I have had in the past, and I can see how it can become much more than it is today.”


Sven still lives in the Bay with his family and will be working out of LogDNA’s Mountain View office. We’re thrilled to have Sven leading our Engineering team and when we’re back in the office we plan to celebrate by introducing him to Candian delicacies like Ketchup Chips and Coffee Crisp. 

Are you interested in joining the LogDNA team and meet our new VP of Engineering? Check out current engineering positions listings here.

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