Log management

A brief introductory video on how to use LogDNA

Use the table of contents to jump to each specific feature our log management system offers. Note that our log graphing/visualization features are not included in the video.

Check out our full collection of LogDNA videos for more tutorials on log monitoring, aggregation, the latest features, customer testimonials, and guides.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:24 Dashboard
  • 0:37 Everything view / Live tail
  • 1:00 Set up logging
  • 2:07 Filters / Basic search
  • 3:49 Manage Views / Alerts
  • 5:28 Search automatically parsed fields
  • 6:22 Instant jump to time
  • 8:01 Line context
  • 8:49 Settings: Archiving / Team members

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