Speed @ Scale Meets Granular Control

A Developer Experience, Actually Built with Developers in Mind

Make your data work for you. Extract what you need through saved searches, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations. Easily share valuable data with the rest of your team.


Save time by creating and saving filtered views

Save time by creating views specific to the type of logs that are important to you. Views are saved shortcuts to a set of filters and search queries.


Stay informed about your system’s activity

Whether its a system outage or an increase in activity, you need to know! Leverage LogDNA’s alert feature to be informed on your system’s activity. LogDNA integrates with many 3rd party solutions, so you can receive alerts with other applications like PagerDuty, Slack, or another API.

Boards and Graphs

Identify trends in your system’s activity

Visualize your system’s activity with LogDNA’s Boards and Graphs. By using graphs you can visualize your log data over a time period to better analyze your system’s activity and identify trends.


Display daily log activity from all your systems

Display the complete picture on the overall status of your systems to your team using screens. You can use screens to display daily log activity from all your systems or select specific systems. Use time-shifted graphs to aggregate data from the previous week to compare activity levels in your current week.

Config Replication

Easily export and import views, graphs, and alerts

Replicating your LogDNA configurations into new or existing instances has become easier! Export LogDNA’s views, graphs, and alerts from one instance, and import them into an existing or new instance without needing to recreate these configurations.

Trusted Products That Have Been Awarded for Reliability and Innovation

Easily ingest from dozens of log sources, and use our REST API for everything else. From Kubernetes, syslog, or code libraries to a REST API, LogDNA supports 30+ integrations to ingest log data.

Linux Debian-Based

Linux RPM-based

Other OS


LogDNA is Elastic Beanstalk compatible



Automatically parse the most popular formats, custom parsing for everything else.

LogDNA pairs a superior developer experience with Enterprise standards. Enterprise-level authentication and role-based access controls, as well as HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, Privacy Shield, and GDPR compliance means you can focus on the most important thing: building your product.

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