The Pitfalls of Kafka

Apache Kafka is a powerful data streaming platform, but it comes with many limitations. Operating Kafka at petabyte scale requires significant amounts of operational overhead...

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What You Need to Know When Architecting for Any Cloud

As organizations move towards hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, applications are being redesigned to run on multiple cloud platforms. These applications must be adaptable enough to...

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LogDNA Fact Sheet

LogDNA Fact Sheet Download Fact Sheet

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G2 Crowd Log Analysis Report Spring 2019

LogDNA excels as a leader in Log Management Software G2 Crowd Log Analysis Report Spring 2019Check out the Spring 2019 report from G2 Crowd to...

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The True Cost of the ELK Stack

How much does it cost to run the ELK Stack on your own? With modern applications becoming increasingly complex, organizations need comprehensive log management tools....

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LogDNA Modern Logging for FinTech Cover

Modern Logging for FinTech

LogDNA Modern Logging for FinTech Cover FinTech companies face stringent and complex requirements for logging and auditing their systems. This challenge is compounded by the...

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