Meet LogDNA

Each day LogDNA processes petabytes of data that helps some of the world’s largest companies develop, debug and build amazing applications faster than ever before.

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA and IBM Activity Tracker with LogDNA are built on IBM Kubernetes Service, allowing you to easily deploy on IBM Cloud.

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

Cloud image

Use IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA to easily aggregate and search application logs within a single platform.


IBM cloud

Use Activity Tracker with LogDNA to automatically collect and search IBM Cloud activities through LogDNA.


Get up and running in minutes and see logs from any source instantly in LiveTail. Including Kubernetes, Syslog, code libraries, or a REST API.


Leverage LogDNA’s alert feature to be notified about your system’s activity and receive alerts on 3rd party applications like PagerDuty, Slack, or another API.

Time Toggle

Jump to a specific moment in time using LogDNA’s proprietary indexing algorithm.


Save time by creating views specific to the type of logs that are important to you. Save each search query as a view so you can access them later or share it with team members.

“The ease of getting started with LogDNA was incredible. We found it really simple to migrate from our old logging service. SSO and org discovery made it so easy for our engineers to adopt LogDNA without a massive setup period.”

Thomas L., SRE


Ingest logs from NGINX, Apache, AWS, Mongo DB, JSON, or anywhere else and LogDNA will automatically detect and parse them so you can dive deep into your data.


Use the Google-like search syntax to quickly search your logs using standard terms, exclusions, and even chained ANDs and ORs.

There’s no query language to learn, which means your team is on board in minutes, not months.

“Search is by far the best feature. You simply can search using a bunch of different search operators and exclusions to get very precise with what you’re looking for.”

Austin W., Co-Founder + CTO


Visualize your system’s activity with LogDNA’s Boards and Graphs. See your log data over a time period to better analyze your system’s activity and identify trends.


Use Screens to display daily log activity from your systems to clearly communicate across teams.

Compliant and Secure

Thousands of companies trust LogDNA to help them stay compliant with PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, US-EU Privacy Shield, and GDPR.

You can even deploy IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA and Activity Tracker with LogDNA in an EU-managed data center on IBM Cloud.

Join these companies and empower your engineers with the tools that they need to build great applications.

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Meet LogDNA Each day LogDNA processes petabytes of data that helps some of the world’s largest companies develop, debug and build amazing applications faster than...

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