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Cheaper, better log management than Scalyr.

Best in class Kubernetes logging, deploys across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid cloud, and scales infinitely at the lowest TCO in the industry.

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Cloud and On-Premises Solutions
LogDNA is one of the few logging technologies that can centralize logs across cloud servers, on-premises/private cloud, serverless, and hybrid cloud environments. Our powerful platform aggregates logs from all sources, applications, and environments across multiple locations for frustration-free logging at a fraction of the cost.
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Blazing Fast Search Results
No special search query language is needed to search through all your server logs. LogDNA has the fastest search results on the market so you can instantly find what you need for real-time analysis and debugging.Our blazing fast, accurate LiveTail is the fastest in the industry and gives you a real-time, instantaneous stream of log data across your infrastructure.

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Both LogDNA's cloud and self-hosted solutions are the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Every plan includes multiple users, custom log parsing, custom dashboards, alerts, and unlimited ingestion sources. Pricing starts at just $1.50/GB per day. Our intuitive logging features allows your team to onboard with no special training required, saving even more time and money.
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Scales Infinitely
Designed for modern era of high volume enterprise grade logging, we're capable of handling hundreds of thousands of log events per second. Whether you run 1 or 100,000 containers through Kubernetes, we scale with you.With multi-cloud, you’re free to choose where to log and how to deploy our logging solution. We handle the rest.

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Modernized, Intuitive Interface
Our beautiful, modern logging platform was made by developers, for developers. Effortlessly configure your dashboard and navigate across logs for blazing fast search, filtering, views, and graphs, with smart alerting, role-based access controls, and collaborative analytics.
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Easiest Setup
Unlike other log management systems, LogDNA's SaaS platform offers the simplest setup in just two minutes. Instantly collect, monitor, auto-parse, and centralize logs from any platform, at any volume. Using Kubernetes? It's just two kubectl commands to get started.

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