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What are Screens?

Screens display a series of widgets that you can use to share across your organization. Widgets can display your log activity, from the number of logs ingested in the last 4 hours, to a line graph comparing today’s logs to yesterday’s logs. You can control the data you want to display by creating a “Screen” with a combination of different widgets. Post your screen on a company monitor to provide your organization with a snapshot of your system’s activity.

Let’s Get Started

Once you have joined the feature will be enabled on your account, user permissions to Screens are the same user permissions you have set on your account for graphs and views.

Take a look at the video below to get a high-level overview: 

Setting up your Screens: 

1. Navigate to the “screens” icon on the left menu

2. Click on the add widget and select the type of widget you want

Populating Data: 

Once you have selected the type of widget you can now choose the data you want to display.

3. On the right screen, choose from a variety of data you want to display.

Cool Tip: You can move and resize your widgets

Now it’s time for you to show off your “Screen”!

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