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Types of Log Management Tools and How to Choose the Best Solution

As any business running microservices, containerized applications, networking devices, or multiple servers knows, it’s important to get a centralized log management system that fits your...

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Log Monitoring vs Log Analysis: What’s the Difference?

What is log monitoring and log analysis? Both are crucial parts of log management and related in many capacities, but by definition, the two actually...


Cloud Monitoring – Best Practices & Cloud Server Monitoring Tools

Moving your applications into the cloud (whether your own private cloud or a public cloud like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) forces you to change...

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Hybrid Cloud Log Management & Analysis Guide

Managing logs is hard enough. Managing logs for hybrid multi cloud is even harder. That’s because a hybrid cloud infrastructure introduces unique challenges when it comes...

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How to Graph Logs & Visualize Data for Proper Log Analysis

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to log data, this has a very literal meaning. A typical IT environment generates far...


August Product Update

Here's an update on all the latest and greatest features and improvements we've added in the last few months: GDPR, SAML, and PCI-DSS - oh my!...

Product Updates
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Serverless Computing – Challenges with Log Monitoring & Analysis

Serverless computing is a relatively new trend with big implications for software companies. Teams can now deploy code directly to a platform without having to...


Graphing 2.0 is Now Live!

We wanted to share some exciting details around our new graphing engine which went live today.  One of the biggest areas of feedback we'd been...


Why LogDNA for Fast, Affordable Cloud-Based Log Management

Byline: Kevin Miller - Director of Growth at Open Listings At Open Listings, we needed an affordable cloud-based log management system that was both fast...

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