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DevOps Observability: The Evolution of Logging, Monitoring and Metrics (Webinar)

  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz__L_fWbDk[/embed] Recently, we held a webinar where Chris Nguyen, our CEO and Co-Founder and Norman Hsieh, our Head of Business Development talked about the...

log monitoring and log analysis

Log Monitoring vs Log Analysis: What’s the Difference?

What is log monitoring and log analysis? Both are crucial parts of log management and related in many capacities, but by definition, the two actually...

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The Differences Between Monitoring Containerized Apps and Non-Containerized Apps

Containerized apps provide a nifty solution to package up applications along with their dependencies, and for the whole encapsulated process to be run on a...


Cloud Monitoring – Best Practices & Cloud Server Monitoring Tools

Moving your applications into the cloud (whether your own private cloud or a public cloud like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) forces you to change...

serverless log management and analysis

Serverless Computing – Challenges with Log Monitoring & Analysis

Serverless computing is a relatively new trend with big implications for software companies. Teams can now deploy code directly to a platform without having to...