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Store and Show Raw Log Lines

Adding the ability to store and view raw logs, allowing customers to debug with logs in their unaltered form.  If you’ve ever looked at your...

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Introducing the New LogDNA Agent for Kubernetes

On the internet, nothing necessarily stays easy, simple, and reliable forever – but we’re trying to keep it that way for your logs. When our...


Log Timeline: It's About Time

Many of our customers want a simple way to see how often an event happens. In the past, LogDNA’s graphing capabilities helped to fulfill this...

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Logdna Cube Stack

New LogDNA Feature: Absence Alerting

Being proactive is one of the key elements of a successful company. We are always seeking ways to help you perform at your best. With...

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Alerts, Custom Parsing Beta, and More

Here are a few updates you can look forward to in LogDNA's log management and analysis features. #1 Alert Improvements With new improvements to alerting...

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LogDNA Announces a Host of New Features for 2018

2017 was a transformative year for LogDNA and our developer community. While developers continue to build and leverage our platform in truly amazing ways, developer...

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