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LogDNA New Hire Gif Nick Baker
LogDNA is excited to welcome Nick Baker as our Head of Inside Sales, where he’ll be managing our sales development and inside sales efforts. Previously the Director of Inside Sales at WebDAM/Binder, he’s also a skateboard instructor at Braille Skateboarding and JRSA.
We asked him some important questions…
What city are you originally from?

Oconomowoc, WI. A small suburb of Milwaukee. Good luck pronouncing that. I moved to the Bay Area in 2011.
What is your favorite food, drink, or restaurant?
Food = Pizza, Drink = Mexican Coke, Restaurant = Cassanova in Carmel, CA
What’s your favorite flavor of cake? 
Usually chocolate but I have had an unusual amount of yellow cake lately, so let’s go with marble.
What do you like to do for fun?
Skateboarding, guitar, traveling, skateboarding, hiking, snorkeling, skateboarding, listening to records. Oh, and skateboarding!
If you could instantly pick up a superhero power, what would it be?

Time travel.

What’s an interesting fact about you that people wouldn’t guess?

My original answer to this question was simple – I like turtles. I can do better than that, so here we go.

I used to live in China. When I was trying to learn Mandarin, my wife taught me how to say some things you wouldn’t want to say in front of your mother. We were at a dinner with her mother and extended family and said “Guess what I taught Nick?”. I then had to proceed to say all of these things to her family. That was mildly awkward.

P.S. LogDNA is hiring. Check out our Careers Page and join the team!

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