Instantly capture, search and graph your logs from any platform at any volume

Install LogDNA and start seeing your logs in under two minutes. Whether you wish to send logs via SysLog, Kubernetes, Code library, or agent we have hundreds of custom integrations and are adding more each month.
No need to learn any special query language, our Google like search syntax allows your team to search quickly using standard terms, excludes and even chained AND's and OR's. Onboard your team in minutes, not months.
Our easy to use graphing tool allows you to visualize your data in a dashboard format. You can simply click on any bar on the graph and drill down to the specific log line allowing you to quickly debug issues much faster.

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Why LogDNA

Pay-as-you-Grow Pricing

Simple, pay-per-GB pricing, No contracts, paywalls or fixed data buckets. Scale up on demand without lifting a finger.


Our platform is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of log events per second, and dozens of terabytes per customer per day. Whether you run 1 or 100,000 containers, we scale with you.


We offer HIPAA-compliant logging and are ready to sign Business Associate Agreements. To comply with GDPR for our EU/Swiss customers, we are Privacy Shield certified. SOC 2 and PCI-DSS coming soon.

Modern UI

Beautiful and easy to use. A tailored experience for developers, by developers.

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