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Instantly collect, centralize, and analyze logs in real-time from any platform, at any volume.

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Why LogDNA?

Powerful, centralized log management that's blazing fast, affordable, and scalable

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    Scale Infinitely

    We're capable of handling hundreds of thousands of log events per second, and dozens of terabytes per customer, per day with full scalability, security, and real-time log analysis. Whether you run 1 or 100,000 containers, we scale with you.

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    Easiest to Use

    Install LogDNA and start seeing your logs in under two minutes. No onboarding or special search query language needed. Whether you wish to send logs via Syslog, Kubernetes, Code library, or agent, we have hundreds of custom integrations for you to seamlessly centralize logs in a single pane.

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    Lowest TCO

    LogDNA’s simple, pay-per-GB pricing model eliminates contracts, paywalls, and fixed data buckets. Our modern UI and frustration-free logging features allow your team to get started with no special training required, saving your organization even more time and money.

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    Fully Compliant

    Your log data privacy and security is always our top priority. We are SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA-compliant logging and ready to sign Business Associate Agreements. To comply with GDPR for our EU/Swiss customers, we are Privacy Shield certified.

How it Works

Aggregate logs from any environment, language, or application for real-time log management and analysis

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    • Language C Sharp
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  • Application
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    Parsing Dash


    Enterprise-Grade Cloud and Self-Hosted Log Management

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    log management by LogDNA
    • " LogDNA was the clearly the best solution for our engineers. Live tail and search works really well. It provides the visibility we need to manage our live servers."

      Nick Instacart

      Nick Elser

      Director of Engineering

    • "What was on the market pre-LogDNA cost more money than Life360 has raised"

      Screen Shot 2018 08 27 At 1.18.35 Pm

      Alex Haro

      Co-Founder and CTO of Life360

    • "We installed LogDNA on more than 750 nodes in our Kubernetes cluster by pasting two lines into a terminal. It just worked out of the box."

      Ben Mann Openai

      Benjamin Mann

      Software Engineer

    • "LogDNA with Kubernetes integration is amazing, the automatic app labeling and container tags make it really easy to see what's what, plus I can go back and get logs from containers that have failed."

      Jj Fliegelman

      JJ Fliegelman

      Co-founder & CTO | WayUp

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      LogDNA can be deployed on over 30 different environments. Upgrading your ELK stack or launching with Kubernetes? We have a solution for almost any logging infrastructure.

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      Our simple pay-per-GB pricing model eliminates contracts, paywalls, and fixed data. We offer the lowest TCO in the industry.

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