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Real-time log aggregation, monitoring, and analysis from any platform, at any volume.

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Why LogDNA?

Centralized logging that's intuitive, affordable, and scalable

  • log management and analysis

    Powerful Log Management

    We seamlessly combine log aggregation, custom parsing, smart alerting, role based access controls, and real-time search, graphs, and log analysis in one suite of tools.

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    Easiest Setup

    Our cloud based SaaS solution sets up within two minutes to collect logs from AWS, Docker, Heroku, Elastic and more. Running Kubernetes? Start logging in two kubectl commands.

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    Simple, pay-per-GB pricing without paywalls, overage charges, or fixed data buckets. Simply pay for the data you use on a month-to-month basis.

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    Compliant & Secure

    We are SOC2, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA compliant and are Privacy Shield certified. Our military grade encryption ensures your logs are secure in transit and storage.

  • deploy log management anywhere

    Aggregate Logs from Everywhere

    Instantly aggregate logs from all applications and servers in all locations. Deploy with ease across cloud, multi-cloud, on-premise, or using your own infrastructure.

  • scalable log management

    Infinite Scalability

    We handle 1M log events per second, and 100+ terabytes per customer, per day with the fastest live tail in the industry. Whether you run 1 or 100,000 containers, we scale with you.

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    Capterra Rating

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    Managed Daily

Why Customers Love LogDNA

log management by LogDNA
Nick Elser
Director of Engineering
LogDNA was the clearly the best solution for our engineers. Live tail and search works really well. It provides the visibility we need to manage our live servers.
Ivan Malopinsky
Senior Software Engineer
LogDNA has been a game changer for us. It’s simple to deploy, it parses JSON logs easily, and it integrates with Kubernetes seamlessly. As our log volume has grown 10x in the last 12 months, LogDNA remained both fast and cost-effective. We’re very pleased with LogDNA as our log management choice.
Alex Haro
Co-Founder and CTO of Life360
What was on the market, pre-LogDNA cost more money than Life360 has raised.
Anson MacKeracher
Head of Engineering
As we scale our services in highly regulated industries, LogDNA has become an essential piece of our infrastructure. First-class Kubernetes, and on-premise support, coupled with an exceptional user experience means setup and deployment are straightforward.

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