By: Mike Hu

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LogDNA is known and loved by developers for our lightning fast live tail and search. With some users ingesting over a petabyte of data per day, our users want to be able to visualize their data and put it to use. You told us what analytics you value most and we’ve taken the first step to providing them within the LogDNA product.

The first is having highly interactive graphs. Graphs allow you to analyze patterns and trends by navigating through your data over a period of time. Some useful characteristics of these types of graphs include:

The second is having real-time dashboards. Dashboards are used to report on the current state of something so that you can see a snapshot of how things are doing in real time. Dashboard characteristics that are important to our users include:

We’ve already tackled the first by allowing you to see dynamic graphs of your logs within the LogDNA platform. Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Screens, LogDNA’s real-time dashboard interface.

First and foremost, our approach to dashboarding is centered around the characteristics stated above. It is meant to be projected on a TV or monitor where there is little to no interactivity. This now allows us to offer charting options to our existing analytics solution. The first features available on Screens are: Counters, Gauges, Tables and Time-Shifted Graphs. We’re working on creating more graph types and can’t wait to share them with you. Please let us know if there are specific charts that you would like us to prioritize by emailing support@logdna.com.

We designed Screens to help you better understand your logs. There are many applications for this including the examples below.

1. If you host a blog or WordPress site, these features can help you track your efforts to drive traffic to your site. Use time-shifted graphs to help you visualize visitor traffic and its performance versus yesterday or last week.

Time-Shifted Graph: 

2. If you run a cluster of Apache web servers you can sift through Apache logs to provide tabular breakdowns of traffic by IP for security monitoring or by response codes to gauge the health state of your cluster.


These are just some simple use cases that we’ve thought of but we would love to see how you can make use of LogDNA Screens and Graphs. Let us know by sending an email to support@logdna.com.

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