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IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

First published as a case study on on October 3, 2019.

What is Log Analysis?

IBM Cloud™ Log Analysis with LogDNA enables you to quickly find the source of issues and gain deeper insight into application and cloud environment data. IBM Cloud logging begins with log aggregation from application and services within IBM Cloud. IBM partners with LogDNA to bring collection, log tailing and blazing fast log search. LogDNA supports integrations to many cloud-native runtimes and environments. LogDNA search and filtering can be accomplished through natural language query, enabling you to find issues quickly and easily integrate it into your operations.

Learn about cluster-level logging

Log Analysis benefits

• Fully centralized log management: aggregate all log data into a central location
• Flexible retention: 7, 14 and 30 days for log search
• Zoom in on log events with real-time live-tail and filter functions
• Find and fix issues faster with natural language query and lightning fast search
• Alert into action with notification support through Pager Duty, Slack, webhooks, and more
• Support more than 30 integrations and ingestion sources
• Optimized for container-based applications
• Pay-per-GB pricing
• Enterprise-grade controls with IBM Cloud SSO, and full RBAC to administrators
• Archive to IBM Cloud storage for long-term storage

Kubernetes logging

Configure cluster-level logging for a Kubernetes cluster to get access to worker, pod, application and network log types. Monitor this data from a wide range of sources.

Stand it up

Ingestion integration

Monitor and manage Ubuntu logs in a centralized logging system on IBM Cloud.

Get started

Archive logs to IBM Cloud Object Storage

Archive logs from an IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA instance into a bucket in an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance.

Archive logs

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