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Guard your data with secure, compliant log management

Your data is fully secured in transit and at rest with LogDNA's military grade encryption. We offer HIPAA-compliant logging as well as SOC 2, HITECH, and PCI-DSS compliance. For our EU/Swiss customers, we are GDPR-compliant and Privacy Shield certified. Simplifying regulatory compliance needs and maintaining security is always our top priority.

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  • Hipaa

    HIPAA-Compliant Logging

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Title II (HIPAA) addresses safeguards to secure electronic protected health information (ePHI), including log management and audit requirements. LogDNA is a robust logging platform that quickly and securely collects and centralizes your log data, and provides easy to use search, analysis, and alerting features. Not only are our systems and processes fully compliant with HIPAA, we are audited for HIPAA and HITECH compliance every year by a third-party qualified security assessor.

    We will happily sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and take on the associated legal liability of handling your sensitive data when you sign up for one of our HIPAA plans. We strive to take good care of our customers and look forward to partnering with you as you grow your world class health organization.

    HIPAA requires a minimum of 6 years retention of audit log data. To ensure compliance, LogDNA provides a secure and convenient archiving service for logs older than the retention period of your LogDNA plan.
  • Soc

    SOC 2 Compliance

    LogDNA is officially SOC 2 compliant! Like our HIPAA/HITECH, and Privacy Shield (GDPR) compliance, the decision to become SOC 2 compliant stemmed directly from valuable feedback from our awesome community.

  • Eu Us Privacy Shield

    EU - U.S. Privacy Shield

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    LogDNA is Privacy Shield certified in order to comply with EU data protection requirements. Privacy Shield enacts protections for the personal data of EU individuals when it is transferred to the United States.

  • LogDNA is committed to partnering with customers and users to help them prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to strengthening and standardizing user data privacy across the EU nations, it will require new obligations for all organizations that handle EU citizens’ personal data, regardless of where the organizations themselves are located.

  • PCI Compliance

    The PCI Security Standards Council is a global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination, and implementation of security standards for account data protection. Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). LogDNA has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry

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