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Ryan Staatz

DeveloperWeek Austin

Running Stateful Services on Kubernetes

November 6, 2019

Ryan Staatz, Head of DevOps

Managing stateful services in multiple environments with Kubernetes is not easy. Considerations must include availability zone spreads, fault tolerance, and local storage for in-house deployments, to name a few. In this session, LogDNA Head of DevOps Ryan Staatz has had to balance the desire to take advantage of the latest Kubernetes-based tools with the need for stability and speed. This talk will cover how to leverage open source tools for multi-cloud, multi-region deployments at scale.

DeveloperWeek Austin

Log Better

November 7, 2019

Laura Saintamaria

Logging is deceptively simple. You import a library, pass strings to it, and BAM you have logs. However, do you know how to write machine-parsable logs? Do you know all of the different log levels and why you need them? What do current logging best practices look like? Logging is an underutilized tool in the developer’s toolbox, and it is often misunderstood as just another unnecessary debugging tool. In reality, logging is a boon to the people who will be working on a system later down the line, and making fantastic logs really is a team sport. For the hands-on portions of this workshop, we’ll learn and practice writing good logs, and we’ll view our practice logs. We’ll see how different logs appear in a parsing system, and we’ll experiment with different formats. Finally, we’ll see how to translate those best practices into code with a basic hello-world Python application. You just need a laptop, a terminal of some sort (anything from basic terminal to Powershell is fine), and the ability to connect to the conference wifi.

Open Source Summit Europe at Lyon, France

Beyond Inclusion: Growing Diverse Communities and Companies

October 28, 2019

Kris Bondi

For any underrepresented group to gain their share of power, it takes action from those at all levels of seniority. There’s a saying that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. The reality is getting on those shoulders is easier if someone extends a hand to help you up. Notice, we are talking about having a share of power, not getting a job in technology. While improving inclusion and giving underrepresented individuals more opportunities to develop the technical skills needed for STEM jobs is a priority, the discussion needs to move beyond this. You can’t create a wave if we’re only having a trickle of people join our ranks. The discussion needs to move to hiring AND promotion. This talk addresses unique mentoring and leadership opportunities for individuals that are frankly still fighting to be represented in the STEM workforce. Attendees will hear where we are now and the programs and processes that will be needed to create a diverse leadership community.

SaaStr Europe

The Ten Most Important Things Every CEO Should Know About Marketing

June 17, 2020

Kris Bondi

Chris Nguyen CEO

SaaStr CXO Summit @ SaaStr Annual

What It Takes: Moving Changing From a Technology to Sales-driven Organization

March 10, 2020

Chris Nguyen

Meet the LogDNA Team at KubeCon NA! Nov. 18-20 in San Diego.

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