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Legacy is a Frame of Mind

January 21, 2020

Laura Santamaria, Developer Advocate

Have you ever been dropped into a legacy application that had some sort of pipeline in the past, but now you have to figure out how it works? I found myself in that situation, so let’s talk about legacy pipelines and puzzling your way through resurrecting them based on what I learned and encountered along the way. We’ll talk about good ideas and bad ideas when handling a legacy application from a CI/CD pipeline standpoint, understanding how a system is put together from logs and other data you (hopefully) can find—and what to do when you don’t have any data at all,—and how to make that legacy application’s pipeline more usable for the next maintainer down the line. And just maybe we’ll unearth how to pull that legacy pipeline from the grave so that, while some people might still call the system legacy because it’s old, the pipeline can show them a thing or two about modern CI/CD strategies.

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June 17, 2020

Kris Bondi, CMO

Chris Nguyen CEO

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What It Takes: Moving Changing From a Technology to Sales-driven Organization

March 10, 2020

Chris Nguyen, CEO

Meet the LogDNA Team at DeveloperWeek SF/Bay Area

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