Start logging with 2 kubectl commands

Effortlessly collect logs from all containers in your entire k8s cluster. No more lost container logs!
kubectl create secret generic logdna-agent-key --from-literal=logdna-agent-key=LOGDNA_INGESTION_KEY

kubectl create -f

How does this work?

This automatically installs a logdna-agent pod into each node in your cluster and ships stdout/stderr from all containers, both application logs and node logs. We extract pertinent Kubernetes metadata: pod name, container name, container id, namespace. Optional cluster tagging. No prerequisites or dependencies such as fluentd needed.

Get started quickly!

Sign up or if you're on macOS w/Homebrew installed:

brew cask install logdna-cli
logdna register <email>
# now paste the key into the kubectl commands above

We installed LogDNA on more than 750 nodes in our Kubernetes cluster by pasting two lines into a terminal. It just worked out of the box. Not only does LogDNA handle our heavy traffic smoothly, their team is incredibly knowledgable and responsive. Highly recommended for Kubernetes logging!

Ben Mann, OpenAI

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