Aggregate Kubernetes Logs in Just 3 kubectl Commands

The LogDNA centralized Kubernetes log management system is the best in its class and offers the easiest setup in the industry. Collect application logs from all containers in your entire Kubernetes cluster in minutes. Whether you’re running 1,000 or 100,000 containers, effortlessly aggregate, parse, search, and monitor logs across all nodes and pods into a single centralized location.

Simple Integration

LogDNA has developed a world-class Kubernetes logging platform, saving countless hours configuring k8s logging. From installation to ingestion, you can get logging installed on your Kubernetes clusters and searching in live tail within minutes. With LogDNA, there are no prerequisites or dependencies such as Fluentd, no messy sidecar containers, and no changes needed in your podspec.

Start Logging on Kubernetes in Minutes


Auto-extract Kubernetes metadata to search for pod name, container name, container id, namespace, and node.

Easy Installation

Automatically install a Logdna-agent pod into each node in your cluster, and ship stdout/stderr from all containers, including both application logs and node logs.

Simple Auto-parsing

Automatically parse log data: JSON, Apache/Nginx, MongoDB, Redis, plus 12+ more common formats.

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