Infographic: Architecting for Any Cloud

Managing and deploying applications across multiple clouds is not an easy task. At LogDNA, we understand the challenges of deploying applications across multiple cloud platforms...


Infographic: The True Cost of the Elastic Stack

Do you know Elastic Stack can grow from a free solution to $1.9 million one in just three years? With LogDNA, the decisions that go...


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LogDNA Excels as a Leader in Log Management Software

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G2 Crowd Log Analysis Report Fall 2019

LogDNA excels as a leader in Log Management Software Check out the Fall 2019 report from G2 Crowd to learn why LogDNA was rated best...

Reports & Guides

Kibana vs Grafana vs Prometheus vs LogDNA

Data Visualization Tools Compared In today’s environment, nearly every company needs its own information technology (IT) system to collect vast amount of data, monitor it,...

Reports & Guides

Regular Expressions in Grep

If you’ve ever had to search, parse, or edit blocks of text programmatically, chances are you’re familiar with regular expressions (also known as regex or...

Reports & Guides

Your Guide to Self-Hosted Log Management Solutions

A growing number of log management solutions available on the market today are offered as cloud-only services. Although cloud logging has its benefits, many organizations...

How-To Guides

How to Deploy LogDNA into Your Environment

This guide will walk you through the process of deploying LogDNA to your environment. You will learn about our flexible deployment models, whether you decide...

How-To Guides

Log Management Buyers Guide

Choosing a log management solution for your company is an important decision to set your team up for scale and growth. Here’s a guide covering...

How-To Guides

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