Your Data Should Work for You

In today and tomorrow’s world, data lives in dispersed multiple clouds, data centers, IoT devices, and PoS systems. Simply storing data is not enough. The only way to get the full value from your data is to ensure it is reliable and accessible.

Kubernetes-based LogDNA provides log management and analysis for the next generation. It’s trusted by large enterprises running 20+ terabytes a day and hyper-growth companies that rely on LogDNA to make their logs actionable.

LogDNA has been a game changer for us. It’s simple to deploy, it parses JSON logs easily, and it integrates with Kubernetes seamlessly. As our log volume has grown 10x in the last 12 months, LogDNA remained both fast and cost-effective.

– Ivan Malopinsky

Blazing Fast @ Scale

LogDNA allows you to search your logs at incredible speeds from megabytes to petabytes. Its fast search combined with auto- and custom-parsing and smart alerting means you’ll quickly get to the exact logs you want.

Search LogDNA live tail to see what is happening now. Real-time alerts enable you to pinpoint issues and debug with a combination of precision and speed.

Easy in Every Way

Of course, it doesn’t matter how fast a system is if it is difficult to use. LogDNA is easy to set up on any infrastructure, and with Kubernetes, it is even better. It takes only three kubectl commands to set up and has auto-parsing with 30+ log formats.

Being easy to set up, easy to search, easy to integrate, and intuitive to use makes LogDNA the ideal log management and analysis tool.


LogDNA came to rescue when log management seemed an insurmountable task. From serverless to servers, and even containers, the simple setup and integration methods removed the hurdle of ensuring everything, everywhere is logged!

– David Kirby

We installed LogDNA on more than 750 nodes in our Kubernetes cluster by pasting two lines into a terminal. It just worked out of the box.

– Benjamin Mann

Control Your Logs and Access to Them

LogDNA is the only company that allows you to set Exclusion Rules, so you only store the logs that matter to you, putting you in control of your logs from the beginning. Usage Alerts enable you to track your spend or set a monthly spend threshold.

You’re in the driver’s seat to manage who has access to which logs. Flexible deployment means you can choose to deploy on any public or private cloud.

Users can manage what they see from the logs through custom Parsing and custom Views. Custom Parsing turns unstructured data into structured data. While real-time alerts provide notifications so issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

Designed with the Developer in Mind

LogDNA was built to be intuitive. The goal is for users to be able to quickly learn and navigate through a simple, user-friendly interface.

Natural language search with simple Google-like syntax, easy filtering, and the ability to save and share queries makes logs actionable for an entire team. Graphs and Alerts enable users to take in the moment.

Compliance = Peace of Mind

LogDNA ensures your data is fully secure in transit and at rest. From its inception, LogDNA has put security and privacy first.

LogDNA addresses compliance on a global scale. It offers a HIPAA compliant logging plan and is compliant with PCI, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and CCPA.

Trusted Products That Have Been Awarded for Reliability and Innovation

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