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Screens Beta

What are Screens? Screens display a series of widgets that you can use to share across your organization. W...

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Case Studies
Case Studies

LogDNA and IBM find synergy in cloud

First published on on October 7, 2019. Written by: Norman Hsieh, VP of Business Developmen...

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IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA Case Studies
Case Studies

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

First published as a case study on on October 3, 2019. What is Log Analysis? IBM Cloud™ Log Ana...

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Managing dynamic data flows across Elasticsearch clusters DevOps

Managing dynamic data flows across Elasticsearc...

Massively scaling free-text search has always been the holy grail in big data. Many software firms now face...

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What Being Named a Forbes 2019 Cloud 100 Rising Star Means to Me Team

What Being Named a Forbes 2019 Cloud 100 Rising...

Earlier today, LogDNA was named a Rising Star in connection with the Forbes 2019 Cloud 100 list. The list,&...

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Img 6812 Team

Paying it forward with Care Kits in the Bay Area

So where do I begin? I guess introducing ourselves would be a great start. My name is Jeff Martinez…

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Tim Silva New Hire Blog Banner Team

Welcome, Tim Silva!

LogDNA is excited to welcome Tim Silva as our newest Senior Product Designer. He is a Bay Area Native…

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181203 Logdna Illus Part2 Kubernetes

What to do when you lose logs with Kubernetes

Kubernetes has fundamentally changed the way we manage our production environments. The ability to quickly ...

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Get a Free LogDNA Account in The Github Student Developer Pack Product Updates
Product Updates

Get a Free LogDNA Account in The Github Student...

As a student, developing your software engineering skills is about continuous learning and practice. When b...

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Robert Gramner As2iiiifdqk Unsplash Logging

How to use Single Sign-On in LogDNA (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication model designed to let users access different applications, servic...

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Docker and LogDNA Logging

What is Logspout?

Logspout is an open source log router designed specifically for Docker container logs. If you’ve ever looke...

Read More July 23, 2019
3X Growth is Quite a Milestone, And It’s Only the Beginning Team

3X Growth is Quite a Milestone, And It’s Only t...

When you start a company – or a third company as is the case for Lee and me –…

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Jamie Templeton 6gqjpgx1uqw Unsplash DevOps

Maximize Observability of your CI/CD Pipeline w...

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) has enabled teams to build and deploy software at ...

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Rust and LogDNA Logging

Coding for Performance: Why We Chose Rust

The next major version of the LogDNA agent is right around the corner, and we’re introducing some significa...

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Jj Ying 4xvazn8 Who Unsplash Logging

How to set up multiple environments in LogDNA

The use cases and requirements of a logging platform in an organization varies between teams and job functi...

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LogDNA Events in June Events

LogDNA Events in June

A few notable events in June that we attended were 1. Velocity Conference It was a treat to attend…

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Cf Days Webbanner 1600x500 V1 Ac Nologo 01 1200x375 Events

Open Ecosystems, Interoperability + Multi-Cloud...

Our VP Product, Peter Cho hosted a webinar with CloudFoundry last week to share his pragmatic approach in t...

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Chuttersnap Kycnggkcvyw Unsplash DevOps

A Quick Look at 5 Best Kubernetes Distributions

Kubernetes is a powerful platform that has shifted the way modern software operates and scales over the pas...

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LogDNA and Helm Charts Logging

Deploying the LogDNA Agent With Helm

Logging your Kubernetes clusters to LogDNA is already a breeze, and now the LogDNA Kubernetes agent Helm ch...

Read More June 27, 2019

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