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Custom Webhooks

LogDNA is releasing Custom Webhooks, enabling customers to easily integrate LogDNA alerts with 3rd-party services. Custom Webhooks allows you to configure a webhook’s header and...

Kubernetes Logging 101

Containerization brings predictability and consistency across the development pipeline. A developer can package code in a container and ship the same container into production knowing...


Choosing The Right Ingestion Client

LogDNA has a range of options by which you can supply your account with log data. If you're not entirely familiar, these are via the...

Secure Logging

AWS Logging & HIPAA Compliance

If you're logging in AWS and considering archiving your HIPAA log files in AWS, it’s important you know the details about how AWS treats HIPAA-compliant...


Firewall Logging: Importance for the Healthcare Industry

A large number of healthcare companies are at a loss when it comes to understanding their internal security environment. While the HIPAA Security Rule provides...

logging in containers

Logging In An Era Of Containers

Log analysis will always be fundamental to any log monitoring strategy. It is the closest you can get to the source of what’s happening with...


Best Security Practices for HIPAA Logging

Despite advanced security measures and increased due diligence from healthcare professionals, system attacks are still a constant threat for a majority of medical organizations. Overlooked...

Security and Compliance
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