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On-Premise Log Management 

Our modernized on-prem log management solution offers blazing fast log aggregation, monitoring, analysis, and alerting, with the ability to deploy anywhere. Gain actionable insights and identify the root cause of issues across all apps, servers, and databases in all locations. Scale your log management quickly using your own infrastructure, private cloud, or multi-cloud for full security, flexibility, and configurability.

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Why LogDNA

We've helped companies from Series A to Fortune 500 leverage LogDNA to ingest, index, and search PB of log data daily. Designed for streamlined implementation, our self-hosted logging alternative is a cost-effective, intuitive, compliant, and scalable solution for enterprise-wide integration. Achieve the benefits of a fully cloud-based solution meeting with on-premise logging requirements.

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    Enterprise-grade logging for complete scalability, integration, compliance, and security for all business needs and requirements.

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    Fast, Responsive, and Intuitive Interface

    Our beautiful, modern logging platform was made by developers, for developers. Instantly capture, search, centralize, and graph your logs from any platform, at any volume.

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    Lowest Industry TCO

    With a simplified, user-intuitive interface and no contracts, paywalls, or fixed data buckets, our logging service offers the lowest TCO in the industry.

Fully Featured Log Management

  • Filters

    Narrow down what log lines you want to search for.

  • Search

    Standard terms, excludes and even chained operators.

  • Alerts

    Get notified of important events in real time.

  • Graphs

    Use natural language to jump to a specific point in time.

  • Filters
  • Alerts
  • graphing
  • Compliance Security


    Our platform is certified with most of the major compliance and security approvals. We are currently PCI, SOC2, HIPAA, US-EU Privacy Shield and GDPR compliant.

  • Cost


    Our modern infrastructure allows us to continue to deliver world class log management at the best value for your company.

  • Control


    Having more control of your DevOps stack and costs is critical as your business scales. From our flexible deployment to ingestions controls you can scale your data without worrying about breaking the bank.

  • Support


    Our team will be with you every step of the way. We offer packages that enable your team to access 24/5 support as needed.

  • Hassle Free

    Hassle Free

    LogDNA has developed a modern, turnkey, log management solution built to scale. We can deploy on almost any infrastructure in minutes.

  • Scale


    Whether you run 1 or 100,000 containers, we scale with you.

Works in your language

All you need do to is ingest your logs and we will take it from there. We detect, index and auto parse most popular log formats automatically. No need to configure anything on your end.

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Works on your tech

LogDNA offers the most flexible solution for hosting your log management tools. We work with your infrastructure and architecture, supporting numerous platforms and a multitude of ingestion methods, including syslog, code libraries, our open source agent, AWS, Google Cloud, an ingestion REST API, and more.

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